Rose Opéra Eau de Parfum Rose Opéra : In 1952, Maurice Lehmann, then Director of the Opéra de Paris, asked Yuri Gutsatz to perfume the opera house for a sequence of "Les Indes Galantes", a lavish opera presentation by Rameau.

Yuri Gutsatz conceived, for the 2nd Act of the "Ballet des Fleurs", in a splendid décor created by Wakhevitch, a perfume called "L'Apparition de la Rose". Using his ingenuity and the limited technical resources that were available at that time, the theatre was filled with the perfume of roses when the prima ballerina appeared on stage costumed as a rose. When he created his Rose Opéra, his source of inspiration was naturally the souvenirs of "Apparition de la Rose" of Les Indes Galantes in the Opéra de Paris!

You can read the interesting story in our Forum.

Rose de Mai Eau de Parfum Rose de Mai (Damask Rose) : There are many varities of roses, and Yuri Gutsatz had marvellous souvenirs of the various Rose fragrances that led him to create a perfume that is a blend of two Rose fragrances − the Damascus Rose, or Rose of May, and Rose Centifolia, or Oriental Rose, that is grown over acres of fields in Bulgaria and Turkey. The result of his creation is an Eau de Parfum that is long-lasting and which stays true for many fragrant hours.
Tearose Eau de Parfum Rose Thé (Tearose) : Mysterious, majestic and sweet at the same time, the tearose fragrance is probably the best-known among the numerous floral perfume creations in the world. It can be found in many products, from perfumes to toileteries.

The Eau de Parfum Rose Thé (Tearose) thus finds a place quite naturally in Le Jardin Retrouvé's collection of original fragrances. The Jardin Retrouvé's Eau de Parfum Rose Thé commences with a characteristic head-note that is green and strong and a base note, reinforced by the presence of musk and slightly wood-like tones to embellish the tearose fragrance.


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