Eau pour Homme Eau "pour Homme" ("For Gents") : The Eau pour Homme combines notes of flowers, spices and wood, diffused and long-lasting, where the essential notes are derived from the natural essences of Mediterranean and exotic plants - Lavender and Rosemary, to begin with, to which is added Cinnamon from Ceylon, and Patchouli from Singapore.
Sandalwood Eau de Sandalwood : When Le Jardin Retrouvé was formed in 1975, the first Eau de Parfum that was created by our Perfume Creator was the Sandalwood.

This rich and fragrant Eau, that pleases men as much as women, finds a place in our MEN'S COLLECTION.

It's packaging, with a sepia label showing an image of the palace of the Maharaja of Mysore, and its name, SANDALWOOD, is evocative of the origin of the essential oil of Sandalwood - the region of MYSORE (now KARNATAKA) in India, the only region where this fragrant wood can be found.

Sandalwood, an ingredient used in numerous perfumes, with its rich, warm and sensual notes, will certainly bewitch your senses.

Eau Russian Leather Eau de Cuir de Russie (Russian Leather) : The odour of leather has interested Perfumers for a long time because of its richness, its fullness and its slightly animal quality. Among the "LEATHER" perfumes that Perfume Creators have imagined and invented, RUSSIAN LEATHER holds a place of choice.

Every Perfumer has his personal secret for creating his CUIR DE RUSSIE and several interpretations are available without, however, any resemblance to each other. Each creator brings to it a touch of his own personality, adapting the fragrance to his own imagination. Only the LEATHER note remains more-or-less the same in each case.

In reviving this forgotten perfume, Le Jardin Retrouvé created a brand new interpretation of RUSSIAN LEATHER. While it still follows the strict traditions of French perfumery-making, it's originality is distinguishable with the various flowery and green notes, diffused and long-lasting, exhalting the the richness and warmth of the Jardin Retrouvé's RUSSIAN LEATHER.

Eau de Vetyver Eau de Vétyver (Vetyver) : Throughout the ages, perfumers have used the essential oil of Vetyver in their creations, extracted from the roots of an exotic plant found in Haiti, Reunion Island, India and Indonesia.

Its warm and redolent scent makes the essence of Vetyver one of the most important base notes in many perfumes, feminine as well as masculine. But it is in the masculine perfumes that Vetyver is used as the dominant note by the most inspired composers. Many perfumery manufacturers, among which are the most reputed, have created a Vetyver Eau de Toilette.

Le Jardin Retrouvé's Vetyver with its tangy head note (Bergamot, Lemon) and its warm and woodsy tones with a touch of "tabacco", makes it a masculine fragrance that is classical and original at the same time. Strong and long-lasting, our Eau de Vetyver is one of the best-selling items in our MEN'S COLLECTION.

Décibel Décibel de PSS : There is nothing more ordinary, when promoting a product or a trademark, than to offer a lighter, a t-shirt or a cap, to clients!

But Yuri Gutsatz, at his request, created an exclusive perfume for his son's firm, derived from the Eau de Parfum "Citron Poivré".

"Décibel from PSS" is a fragrance to which is added a spicy combination, giving the the well-known volatility of the Italian Lemon Essence its originality and the tenacity it lacks.

In this aromatic bouquet one finds a harmony of Essences - Pepper, Pimento, Cloves, and Cinnamon, combined with the fresh notes of St. John's Wort from Paraguay, and African Geranium.

The composition thus acquires perfect harmony between the light, fresh head notes and the core and base notes of this fragrance that leaves behind a very subtle trail of perfume.


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